Guide to Upgrading to WP SimpleMind Map Plus

About SimpleMind

SimpleMind is a mapping software developed and sold by SimpleMind on as well as on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With more than 8 million users worldwide SimpleMind is the world leader in cross platform Mind Mapping tools. SimpleMind is available for iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

*SimpleMind is a trademark of ModelMaker Tools – SimpleApps and xpt Software & Consulting B.V. ModelMaker Tools – SimpleApps and xpt are based in the Netherlands.  For more information, please refer to ModelMaker Tools Website, Simplemind Website, SimpleMind Legal Notices and SimpleMind Privacy Policies.

About WP SimpleMind Map Plus

WP SimpleMind Map plugin, developed by Telicom Inc., can be upgraded to the Plus version.  This Plus version enables links between multiple mind maps as well as links to websites and landing pages and cloud stored PDF documents.

How to Upgrade WP SimpleMind Map to WP SimpleMind Map Plus

In your WordPress website Dashboard, under Media, hover over WP SimpleMind Map and click on Upgrade to Plus

  • Click on the blue Upgrade to SimpleMind Plus button
    • Click on the orange Subscribe Now button
      • Fill the Billing Details form accurately. Once done, at the bottom, click on the Orange Proceed to PayPal  button
      • Select the card you wish to use to pay and click on the Continue button
        • Click on the Agree and Continue button
        • Print the Receipt
        • Click on View Order
          • On the left, below the order number, click on API key
          • Note your username and Copy the API Key
        • Go back to your website dashboard
          • Under WP SimpleMind Map, click on Settings
            • Enter your username
            • Paste your API key
            • Click on the Save Changes button

You are all done.

Click here for the PDF explaining how to upgrade WP SimpleMind Map to WP SimpleMind Map Plus.

If you experience any problem, please contact us at


Note that you may also access the username and password, in Settings, by clicking on Telicom Purchase Portal, under username or API key