Strategy Implementation

Provide optimized productive solutions. Télicom is focused on providing a comprehensive and affordable set of cloud based solutions designed to enhance productivity, improve customer service, reduce business operating costs and simplify access to data and dissemination of information.

Télicom intends to implement innovative, easy-to-use, cost efficient, and cloud based solutions. Télicom’s strategy is based on six basic elements:

Provide high yield solutions. Télicom concentrates its development efforts on cloud based solutions. It believes value is created most efficiently by emphasizing cloud solutions to meet customer needs and improve productivity.

Promote products that are easy to comprehend and use. Télicom strives to maximize ease-of-use by the manager and the end user. The products chosen for implementation by the company are designed to be “people-oriented”, with features that can be used readily with minimum formal training or user manuals.

Capitalize on Installed Base. As it will grow, Télicom intends to capitalize on its installed base by offering add-on modules, software upgrades, all of which will provide increased functionality and end user productivity.

Target small and medium businesses as a function of their orientation. Télicom believes that some will evaluate business solutions from a telecommunication perspective while others will focus on data centric solutions.

Leverage Telephony and Data Expertise. Télicom has established a knowledge base in voice processing, call management, as well as data processing. It believes that its expertise enables it to efficiently bring to market innovative solutions and services that unify information exchanges and optimize productivity.

Grow Through Strategic Acquisitions. Télicom believes that growth through strategic acquisitions of complementary technologies and products offers the potential for significant competitive advantage.