Telicom offers a range of tailor-made videoconferencing training programs and courses for users and administrators. This is to foster adoption within the organization and help you gain critical knowledge in video conferencing and video infrastructure.

Whether you’re completely new to videoconferencing, want to make video ubiquitous in your teams, or need an upgrade on specific technology, our trainers can work with you to provide a hands-on course and interactive. This, in a context of immediate and tangible return on investment.

Our trainers will adapt their training courses considering your objectives and business needs. The training can take place in most cities in Quebec, for small or large groups, for any level of videoconference, for users or administrators.

Telicom offers user training for organizations new to videoconferencing, with half-day, full-day or multi-day courses that can be organized on a site with videoconferencing equipment or in a chosen location by Telicom. This training may include, among others:

 – Basics of using a system, including making calls, turning off microphones, controlling cameras, etc.
 – Data sharing and presentations
 – Cloud, BYOD (Bring your own device) and mobility sessions
 – User adoption, business benefits of video conferencing, scenarios and ROI sessions
 – Focus on a particular product from Cisco, Zoom, Microsoft or Google

In addition, Telicom offers low cost upgrade training. This training is ideal for small groups and administrators to help them understand how videoconferencing can and should have an impact on their business.

Refresher training is normally done by video to encourage use. It includes several elements, such as: how to use basic or more advanced features, such as recording, streaming, screen sharing, file sharing, etc.