About Telicom

Acknowledging the importance of our customer, all of us at Télicom commit to:
  • Offer our customers solutions
  • Exceed our customer expectations
  • Be involved to our customer success
  • Focus resources closer to our customer
  • Offer quality products and services to our customer
  • Always perform is a way that will build our customer loyalty

Field of Action

Télicom is a provider of telecommunications products and software-based computer-telephony solutions for the hotel-motel market.

It provides flexible, cost-effective products that address businesses that thrive to increase productivity.

The development platform of Télicom’s solutions is Windows. Thus they are compatible with all Windows operating systems, past and present. They also may be seamlessly implemented in the Macintosh environment through Apple Remote Desktop. Its solutions interface with a wide variety of telephony and computer equipment, as well as third parties software.

The solution provided can comprise all the pieces of software, or can use only one piece of software. Although many solutions can rely on software only, they often can benefit of a tight integration with Télicom’s hardware complements.

Mission and objectives

Télicom provides “high quality – high yield” integrated solutions meant to increase the productivity and/or to enhance the image of customers.
To that end, we:

  • Focus corporate attention toward customer service and satisfaction
  • Position the company as a provider of solutions
  • Leverage competitive advantage
  • Increase market share
  • Expand geographic coverage
  • Increase profitability
  • Focus on financial performance
  • Strengthen the organization to meet and cause change in the industry

Strategy Implementation

Provide complete computer-telephony solutions. Télicom is focused on providing a comprehensive and affordable set of software-based computer-telephony solutions designed to enhance productivity, improve customer service, reduce business operating costs and simplify access to data and dissemination of information.

Télicom intends to develop innovative, easy-to-use, cost efficient, open-architectured voice processing systems and computer telephony integration solutions. Télicom’s strategy is based on five basic elements:

Provide high yield solutions. Télicom concentrates its development efforts on software. It believes product value is created most efficiently by emphasizing software solutions to meet customer needs.

Make products easy to use, install and modify. Télicom strives to maximize ease-of-use for the end user, the system manager, and the installer. The company’s products are designed to be “people-oriented”, with features that can be used readily without special training or manuals.

Capitalize on Installed Base. As it will grow, Télicom intends to capitalize on its installed base by offering add-on modules, software upgrades, all of which will provide increased capacity and functionality.

Utilize Capabilities of Multiple Distribution Channels. Télicom intends to directly target enterprises. Télicom believes that some enterprises will evaluate business to business solutions from a telephony perspective while others will focus on data-centric solutions.

Leverage Telephony and Data Expertise. Télicom has established a knowledge base in the development of call processing, voice processing, call management and enterprise directories applications, as well as LAN, Internet and corporate intranet software applications and services. It believes that its expertise in these areas enables it to efficiently bring to market innovative software products and services that unify and optimize the exchange information within businesses.

Grow Through Strategic Acquisitions. Télicom believes that growth through strategic acquisitions of complementary technologies, products and distribution channels offers the potential for significant competitive advantage. Its open-systems technology facilitates the rapid integration of and linkage to other complementary open-systems technologies.

High Yield Computer Telephony Solutions


A telecommunications and computer-telephony solutions targeting the Hotel-Motel market.

Télicom is the developer of WiFiWi.Fi, a WiFi Access Management platform.

Our Solutions

Solutions meant to facilitate the management tasks of hotel-motel owners and their staff.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain more information on our different products and solutions.


Telicom was founded in 1981 under the name “Les systèmes de communication Incotel ltée” and worked in the interconnection industry until May 1998, date on which its telephony assets were sold to Videotron.

The company preserved its assets in research and development (nearly 5 million dollars were spent in R&D since 1990) and is now developing computer telephony solutions for small and medium-size businesses.

After a five years pause, caused by a non competition agreement, the company is slowly gradually getting back in business telephony, targeting the hotel-motel market. Here are the areas of its involvement:

  • Telephone Systems : from 1981 until 1998, and then 2003
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development: since 1990
  • Inter-suburbs telephone lines: since 1992
  • Web sites design and hosting: since 1997
  • IP telelephone lines and trunks: since 2001
  • Design of hotel-motel software: since 2002
  • IP based camera systems: since 2010

The common factor behind Telicom’s areas of expertise:
The TCP/IP protocol.

Products & Solutions

Hotel-Motel Management Solutions

  • Hotelia PMS
  • Web reservation interfaces
  • Wireless supervised Internet access
  • Rooms bandwith control
  • Telephone calls management
  • Automated housekeeping management


  • Long distance telephone lines – Canada/USA
  • Fixed rate 800 lines
  • Calling cards – Overseas long distance calls
  • New IP based telephone systems
  • Moves, adds and changes to existing telephone systems
  • Service on existing telephone systems
  • Service contracts


  • High speed Internet access
  • Procurement and renewal of domain names
  • Web site hosting
  • Web site design
  • Adjustments to existing web sites

Local Area Networks

  • Implementation of Wi-Fi systems
  • Adjustments to Wi-Fi systems

Investors/SPEQ Telicom Inc.

Members of board of directors of Telicom inc., and SPEQ Telicom, inc. normally meet on the third Tuesday of March, June and September of each year.

Any shareholder may attend these meetings, upon request. To advise of your intention to attend, and to get information as to the exact time and meeting place, please call 514-380-8140, or send an email to info@telicom.ca.

The annual shareholders meeting of Telicom inc., and SPEQ Telicom inc., as well as the fourth board of directors meeting, occurs in the first weeks of December. A formal invitation is sent, by mail, to each and every shareholder, in November of each year.

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