Serge Doyon – Résumé

Serge has been in the telecommunications business since 1969. In the course of the years, he has been involved in the implementation of hundreds of telephone systems, getting involved either in the needs analysis process, in the implementation planning, in telecommunications managers training, as well as receptionist and user training.

Serge is a Master in Administration (MBA); he is also a Bachelor in Administration (Finance) from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (Montreal University), and a Bachelor of Arts (History) of Laval University.

Sales representative at Bell Canada, he learns the basics and the terms of the trade as well as the analysis and telecommunication problem solving techniques. As Sales Manager, he trains and manages a team of sales representatives responsible to cover Eastern Townships and Monteregie territories. As Director, market planning, he is responsible for the conception and development of tools meant to efficiently identify and qualify markets as well as tools to facilitate the work of the representatives in the Quebec Region. As District Manager – Marketing Research and Promotion, he manages a team of specialists in market studies and another one in business and residential services promotion. He introduced in Bell the concept of using the directory covers as promotional tools; he is also the one who labeled the then “Inwats” service “1-800 service” which is now employed all over North America.

In 1981, he is the master and founder, together with three partners, of  Incotel Communications Systems Ltd, a corporation he will lead as President and CEO until 1998, when it was acquired by Videotron ltée, a major cable company in Canada.. When it was sold, the company was considered a leader in the Quebec Interconnect industry.

As CEO, he decided of the products to be promoted by the company, and established the marketing strategies and business policies. He involved himself in training of the representatives in telephony basics, in telephone systems, in structured cabling principles, in long distance and in Internet. He was also involved in the conception and development of a course for telephone receptionists and a guide on how to use a voice messaging system. He also presided an Association of Quebec Interconnect companies for the duration of one year, which brought him to make representations to the CRTC.

In 1996, he was involved in the creation of Inconet, a firm specializing in the conception and hosting of Internet Web sites; the activities of this company were later merged with the activities of Smartnet, an Internet Access Service Provider which was sold in 2001.

After the sale of Incotel to Videotron, he acted as General Manager of Videotron-Incotel Ltd, and worked on the integration of Incotel to the structure of Videotron Telecom, where he trained the representatives on the sale of telecommunication equipment. He was later involved in the implementation of an IP telephone system for Vectoria Inc., which covered the 15 largest Canadian metropolitan areas; this system was based on the utilization of Cisco equipment and the public Internet to complete calls. The quality of the VoIP communications emulated the quality the conventional telephone companies have accustomed us to.

Finally, he presided to the migration of technologies from conventional to VoIP of Iphonia Inc. In less than a month, everything was operational and the quality of communications was identical to the quality on conventional phone lines.

He also managed a family hotel business in Quebec City, bearing the name of Auberge Michel Doyon, established by his parents, way back in 1947. He has been at the helm of this business from 2004 up and until 2015. It was sold in 2015.

Concurrently, as the major shareholder of Télicom, he initiated and supervised the development of Hotelia, a property management system, and of hotCI, a web reservation platform. Télicom is also involved in business telephony, congress registration management, video conference coordination, and the development of a Simplemind map WordPress plugin.

He joined Skål International Québec in 2007, where he immediately became webmaster. He developed the Quebec City website, which later became the basis for all of the Canadian clubs websites. He also coordinated the development of the Skål Canada website and, later, the development of the Skål Canada website platform, all under the WordPress CMS. This platform was used up and until January 2021, when it was replaced by the Skål International Odoo platform.

In 2012, he became president of Skål Quebec.  In 2015, he joined the Skål Canada Board of Directors. In 2021, he was elected to the Executive Committee of Skål Canada.  He will be assuming the Membership Vice Presidency, starting in January 2022.